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White label booking service

Yes, another booking app. This one lets you set it up on your own domain and use your own branding. Eventually, [ Freespiriter ] will be a collection of tools for freelancers designed and developed by me, Ian, a freelancer.

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Want a feature added?

If the services I create ever get widely used enough to warrant monetization, I will eventually create some kind of SaaS subscription service. For now, however, [ Freespiriter ] is free (and its current features always will be) and I will add features as I think of them and time permits. If you'd like a feature added, a bug or quirk to be fixed, you have two options:

  1. Wait for me to get around to it.
  2. Hire me to implement it ASAP. My current rate is $70/hr for Rails dev (what this app is built on), $100/hr for mobile app dev/dev ops, and $120/hr for time travel.
  3. If you'd like your page setup with an SSL certificate, I charge a 1-time fee of $70.

Contact: [email protected]